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Lawnscapes Irrigation Management & Monitoring Service

Managing a network of irrigation controllers – on a single site or multiple sites – requires time-consuming work. Setting up and synchro¬nizing controller operations can take hours of time. Plus, every time a program change needs to be made, or a system needs to be shut down for a special event, you have to physically travel to the controller.

With the Lawnscapes Irrigation Management and Monitoring Service these hassles are removed, since the entire system will be monitored and controlled from our office. Additionally, by communicating with localized sensors, the system will alert us to potential service problems such as a ruptured pipe or sprinklers that have been broken by vandals.

Lawnscapes Irrigation Management and Monitoring Service Saves Water.

The centralized control of your irrigation controller network allows us to take advantage of the latest water saving benefits. Modify controller schedules in real-time, taking into account daily and seasonal weather conditions and weather forecasts...shut down all systems during rain...increase watering for thirsty annuals during hot days. Any and all changes can be made to each controllers program in a matter of seconds.

In addition, the programs reporting module allows us to monitor your water usage over time, both in total gallons used and estimated water costs. This will allow you to plan ahead for future needs and identify areas for improvement.

Lawnscapes Irrigation Management and Monitoring System Saves Money.

Saving time and saving water ultimately adds up to an even greater savings of your irrigation budget. Reducing your labor expense is just one of the ways we can save you money. With Lawnscapes monitoring the daily operations of your irrigation system you eliminate the costly problems due to a broken head or pipe, not to mention the expense of replacing dead plants or lawn from over or under watering. With the ability to analyze water flows and usage, we can adjust the application rates and waste due to windy conditions or seasonable cold and hot spells. Each zone can be controlled independently allowing us to adjust for such things as soil conditions. Soak and cycle settings can be applied to areas with slopes or clay and sandy soils to prevent run off, saving water and ultimately money.

• School and Industrial Campuses
• Parks
• Town Centers and Urban Plazas
• Businesses with Branch Locations
• Shopping Malls
• Apartment Buildings
• Condominiums
• Homeowner Associations
• Large Residential Estates
• Sports Field Complexes
• Cemeteries


With Lawnscapes Irrigation Management Service, automatic irrigation systems at multiple sites can be programmed for functions that would typically be handled directly at each sites controller. Scheduling of days to water, run times, start times, cycle and soak operations and more can now be done from our office, Saving the time and money to have a person travel to the site. In addition, scheduled operation of non-irrigation components also in use at these sites – for example, lighting systems or fountains– as well as pumps and sensors can also be programmed and monitored from our location.

A key function of the Lawnscapes Irrigation Management and Monitoring Service is our ability to monitor changing conditions. With the aid of flow sensors, rain sensors and other weather-sensing devices, we receive reports on the current condition at every site we are linked with. Should any conditions go beyond the limits that have been defined, the system will respond with individual zone or site-wide shutdowns.

With Lawnscapes Irrigation Management and Monitoring Service over seeing all of your irrigation needs so closely, you can rest assured knowing that your extensive investment is protected from significant losses due to problems being overlooked or not acknowledged in time to control other problems, such as floods from a small undetectable leak becoming a disaster.